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🧠 🎥 The ultimate guide to content creation...

Firstly: identify your goals. Why are you creating content? Plan, distribute and market your content around this goal.

Create a buyer persona: you need to know who you’re talking to! (To be super targeted with your marketing efforts, it’s important to make the audience feel like you’re speaking directly to them).

To do this, catogorise your demographic, where to find them and how to speak to them. Understand their pain points, their challenges and their fears.

Similarly, you should also understand their idea of success, what they are searching for and their best possible outcomes.

Understand the buyer’s journey:

1) Awareness stage: customer becomes aware of their pain point - what are they missing? At this stage, they are doing research to understand the problem better.

2) Consideration stage: they have clearly defined the problem here and the customer is committed to shortlisting products and services that can fix their problem.

3) Decision stage: The customer has now decided on how to fix their pain point. They are shortlisting businesses or services to fix their problem (to ultimately make a purchase).

Relate this to when you have a headache. Initially, you think ‘I have a headache’. Secondly, you try and understand why. Is it lack of sleep, a hangover, dehydration, or perhaps you’re sick? Thirdly, you’re looking for a solution to the problem, i.e. drink water, take paracetamol, go for a nap etc.

This is representative of the buyer’s journey when looking for a new product to fill a pain point.

By creating content aimed at each of the three stages of the customer’s journey, you’re making sure no one ‘falls through the cracks’.

Make sure the type of content for each consumer stage is suitable too.

For example, a customer at the awareness stage isn’t going to jump straight into a product video promoting your service. They may however, listen to a podcast or read a quick blog post addressing the issue they’re facing.

Equally, a customer in the decision stage doesn’t need to know all of the potential options available for their solution, they just need to know that yours is the right one.

Always meet your audience where they are.

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