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The psychology behind e-commerce

💭 🧠 Ever thought about the psychology behind your online purchases? Granted, neither had I. You’re probably not even aware of the cognitive processes behind it..

Dr. Jeffrey Lant says that we need to see a brand’s message 7 times before considering buying. Seems a lot, right?

It makes sense when we break it down. Have a look at the 7 psychological stages of buying:

- Awareness: the introduction stage between you and the online brand 🤝

- Consideration: you do your own research for knowledge on this brand (think checking out their Instagram, website, reviews etc)

- Intent: this is your decision-making stage of buying 🤔

- Buy: Physical purchase 💰

- Support: This is the time to reach out for post-purchase support if needed (eg customer support - live chat/email)

- Repurchase: as it says! 💵

- Referral: word of mouth recommendations to your friends & family 🗣

All of that for one simple purchase. Crazy, right?

The important thing to note, is that the user journey continues post-purchase. Referral is arguably the most important stage of the customer journey for continued support.

My point with this is to show the importance of being consistent with marketing efforts. Whether that be blog posts, video content, social media posts, livestreams or a podcast series, be consistent with it.

People forget, people scroll and people get excited by the next best thing they see.

Not if they don’t have the chance to forget you! 📱

We need to see messaging 7 times over, at least.

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