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The importance of Repurposing Content

🤔 One thing I’ve learnt recently: the importance of repurposing digital content.

What does this mean? Firstly, it’s how to create less and promote more.

Work smarter, not harder.

Imagine you spent 3 hours editing a fantastic 3 minute promotional video. It sure as hell looks great. 📸

However according to statistics, only 3% of your followers will see this. That’s crazy! (and kind of insulting considering the time you've spent on it, right...)

What if:

You repurposed that same video and redistributed it across 5 platforms, in 2 different formats each?

Let’s say you post this video to your LinkedIn. 👀

Instead of this reaching 3% of your audience, maximise your reach on this.

Cut this video into 3 vox pops for Instagram stories. Screenshot important quotes as still image posts for Instagram. Transcribe the voice over for a blog post, add this to your newsletter, trim a highlighted quote for YouTube shorts, post it to your Instagram highlights and sync this up with Facebook.

That’s automatically 10 additional pieces of content with minimal effort, recycling what you already had! ♻️

For a piece of content that could have reached 10 people initially, it’s now stretched to 100.

Simple, right?

It’s not always about working harder. It’s about thinking creatively to maximise efficiency, output and reach.

Become consistent with this, and you’re on your way to fantastic brand awareness growth.

I’ve learnt a lot already and I’m certainly planning on continuing to!

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