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Starting a Podcast

🤔 Thinking of starting a podcast? Trust me, you’re not the only one.

As of 2022, there are now 2 million podcast series, with 48million episodes. 🤯

In addition to this:

- 54% of listeners are considering investing in your product BEFORE listening

- 75% of audiences listen to learn new things

- 7 shows (on average) are listened to per week

2022 is the year of the podcast. So where do you start? ⬇️

Planning is key.

1) Do you know your listener? Create an avatar identifying their age, job, interests, gender, and the other podcasts they listen to.

2) Understand your reason for podcasting. Is it to promote your services, or to inform your listeners? Do you want to entertain them, or simply to fulfil your hobby? Be honest with your answer, and keep this in mind when content planning to keep your episodes focused and increase its value to your audience.

3) Create your episode title before recording. This may seem backwards, but this will keep content focused throughout. When the podcast has no direction or real focus, listeners will tune out.

Struggling with a title? Discuss your podcast in a paragraph. Then 3 words. Then a sentence. That’s your title.

4) Determine your 3 content pillars to discuss. Literally, write down 3 bullet points of topics you will discuss in the main chunk of your recording, and keep it niche. This is your speciality.

5) Most importantly, stay CONSISTENT with distribution. Increasing audience reach by 1% each week over 20 weeks has a bigger effect than a 4% increase each month over the same timescale. 📈

This will give you every opportunity to be successful in your podcast production. There’s a level of dedication from podcast listeners that other formats don’t get.

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