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How to get more video views

Firstly - always be authentic! Don’t make videos for the sake of click bait. People will easily identify this and stop engaging with your videos with real value.

1) Vertical videos are the future. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube all support, and in some cases, prefer 9 x 6, or 5 x 4 dimension videos. According to research, 80% of all users watch content primarily on their phone, meaning that vertical videos understandably engage more audiences. Why?

Vertical videos take around 78% more physical capacity on a phone screen than 16 x 9 videos do. It also prevents the audience from physically turning their phone to watch your video, which is always a bonus! According to research, square videos (1 x 1) get 35% views and 80-100% more engagement than vertical videos. Vertical videos get 6% more engagement than square videos do.

2) 9 - 15 seconds worth of content is the sweet spot when posting on social media. This snappy amount of time works best for short attention spans and high engagements. You can also take advantage of this for Youtube shorts!

3) Create unique, engaging content. Your video will be judged in a second flat. Think of the video as a showreel, you have to show the best of the best.

4) Choose music wisely! This emulates the entire feeling, style and impact of your video. Make sure the song follows the structure of the video (intro, crescendo, climax, outro). For short form videos, make sure your music hits fast and bold. Don’t hesitate to edit parts of the music file in Premiere or Audition to speed up when the climax of the song enters if you only have 15 seconds worth of video! Finally, ensure the emotions match up.. e.g. a heavy metal track probably isn’t appropriate for a baby advert.

5) THUMBNAIL! Never forget this. Always add a custom thumbnail to your uploads. You can add more information in an edited thumbnail that you can’t fit into a title. e.g. striking text. Thumbnails including people showing eye contact also make for particularly engaging content.

Finally, know your audience. When posting, ask, why would someone watch this? What will they get out of it?

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